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Employment Law

We assist with all facets of workplace legal advice from the commencement of the employee or contractor relationship to its conclusion.


Signature Law assists in ensuring compliance with workplace regulations from providing initial advice, workplace audits or assisting in Fair Work Ombudsman or WorkCover inquiries, investigations or proceedings.

Contracts of employment and independent contractor agreements

As the founding stone of the employment or contractor arrangement, it is critical that the employment contract or contractor agreement  is statute compliant while meeting the employer or engaging entity’s business needs and goals. We regularly assist clients in drafting, reviewing, implementing employment contracts or independent contractor agreements and providing advice on contractual terms and their effect.

Enterprise agreements

For many employers, enterprise agreements are a critical tool in achieving workplace efficiencies and innovation. We assist employees in developing negotiation strategies, advice on the enterprise bargaining process including consultation, drafting enterprise agreements and gaining their approval.

Harassment, bullying and discrimination

Harassment, bullying or discrimination complaints often result in high financial and morale costs to business. Critically such claims need to be dealt with and managed quickly. We can provide assistance at any stage of a complaint from when the incident first occurs to managing complaints made to regulators or the commencement of proceedings.

Managing ill and injured employees

The management of ill and injured employees is often one of the most challenging areas for employers. Signature Law regularly assists in this space through the provision of specific advice tailored to your needs.

Policies and procedures

Appropriately drafted workplace policies and procedures provide the cornerstone for how “things are done around here.” Whether you are looking for a complete implementation or a review of your existing policies, we assist with all workplace policy topics such as codes of conduct, disciplinary action, harassment, bullying and discrimination, drug and alcohol, privacy, workplace surveillance, social media, managing performance, grievance procedures or workplace health and safety – just to name a few.

Redundancies and restructures

Employers face significant obligations in implementing redundancies or workplace restructures. Our advice in this area assists in reducing organisational risk and allowing for smooth transitions by providing ‘step by step’ guidelines, strategy development and communication and ‘roll out’ plans and where required.

Unfair dismissal or general protections applications

Unfair dismissal or general protections applications are often daunting and complex. We can assist in providing advice before termination to minimise the risks of an application or, in the event an application is made, resolving the matter.

Workplace disputes and litigation

Signature Law provides guidance and assistance to avoiding workplace disputes or, when things do go wrong, in managing and resolving workplace disputes and the litigation process. Often complex areas of workplace law, we assist by providing advice, advocacy and strategies for resolving matters and moving forward.

Workplace health and safety

We assist employers by representing and defending both directors and the business in regulator prosecutions. This may include providing high level compliance advice, assistance in meeting due diligence obligations, managing incident occurrences and investigations and the defence and advocacy of prosecutions by the regulator.

Workplace training

Training is critical in obtaining employee engagement, implementing workplace change including introducing workplace policy and the development of workplace culture. Signature Law regularly provides workshops and training in the workplace law/employee relations space, for small and large groups which can be specifically tailored to your needs.

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