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Pets in Strata Properties

Owners’ corporation can no longer unreasonably prohibit pets from strata properties. On 25 August 2021 the legislation was amended to put end to blanket bans on residents keeping pets in strata premises.

Owner’s Corporations can now only refuse the keeping of an animal if it ‘unreasonably interferes’ with another resident’s use and enjoyment of their property. Examples of what conduct could amount to unreasonable interference includes persistent noise or odour, repeated damage to common property or menacing behaviour.

Owner’s Corporations may still implement an approval process of animals, but unless refusal is on the basis that the animal will unreasonably interfere, approval must be given within a reasonable timeframe. Contravention of these requirements will generally mean that the animal is given automatic approval.

Reasonable conditions of how the animals must be kept may be implemented through the strata’s by-laws – for instance requirements such as vaccinations and microchipping and restrictions on animal use of common areas.

Owner’s Corporations can not prohibit the keeping of assistance animals.

The amendments do not affect the right of landlords to prohibit the keeping of an animal by a tenant.

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