Elizabeth Kenny

Are you aware of new amendments to residential leases in NSW?

April 23, 2019

New changes to residential lease laws in NSW have passed through the two Houses of Parliament which when implemented, will have a substantial impact on both tenants and landlords. These changes include the following:

  • protections for domestic violence victims such as early termination of leases where required;
  • mandatory lease-break fees calculated according to the remaining lease time;
  • the limitation of rent increases to once every 12 months; and
  • new standards for the living conditions of rental properties before tenants move in, including that the property:
  • is structurally sound;
  • has adequate natural or artificial light in every room;
  • has adequate ventilation;
  • has electricity or gas supply;
  • has plumbing or drainage;
  • has hot and cold water; and
  • has bathroom facilities.

The dates for implementation are yet to be announced.

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