Elizabeth Kenny

A contractor agreement for your subbies?

March 5, 2019

Have you or are you thinking about using an independent contractor or subcontractor in your business?

It may be time to put in place a contractor agreement to provide a clear understanding of the agreement between you and the contractor/subcontractor and to protect your interests.

Any such agreement should be tailored to your business and its requirements as well as those in your workplace and industry and include as a minimum, clauses that:

  • clearly outline the relationships between the parties so as to minimise the risk of an employer/employee relationship for superannuation and other purposes;
  • ensure compliance with workplace health and safety;
  • outline the procedure for issuing and paying invoices and gst provisions;
  • stipulate insurance requirements such as public liability, equipment, motor vehicle, workers compensation and indemnity;
  • provide confidentiality provisions;
  • restrict the use of social media in relation to comments about your business and your clients; and
  • provide a procedure to terminate the agreement.

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